Travel and Tourism Management Skills Programme

16 Credits

This skills programme prepares learners to become effective managers in the tourism sector whilst developing crucial transferable business skills.

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Programme Details

Cost: R4999 | Start Date: 6th January | Duration: 8 weeks

Understand the concepts and methodologies of tourism in today’s modern world, by critiquing tourism practices and their implications locally and globally. Furthermore, this skills programme will assist learners to become efficient in essential business practices such as analysing data, marketing and finance theories, and cross-cultural management.

Type of Programme

skills programmme: travel and tourism management
Duration:8 weeks

Entry Requirements

  • Matric Certificate (Grade 12)

About Your Course Facilitator

This skills programme will be facilitated by a subject matter expert who has years of experience and knowledge. The facilitator will introduce you to the key concepts and need-to-know information pertaining to Travel and Tourism Management.

Programme Breakdown

The flexible nature of this course means you can learn at your own pace

Module One

Introduction to Tourism and Management

Module Two

SA as a Travel Destination – Local Tourism Destinations, Attractions and Itinerary Planning

Module Three

Tourism Office Protocol, Department and Etiquette

Module Four

Business Communication and Customer Services, Social Media and Digital Literacy

Module Five

Selling products

Module Six

Building Effective Team (Unit Standard 252043)

8 Credits

Module Seven

Using Communication Techniques Effectively (Unit Standard 12433)

8 Credits

Module Eight

Ready for Work Standards and Scarce Skills in the Tourism Industry and Project Management

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