National Diploma​ Human Resources Management and Practices

SAQA ID: 61592

This Diploma in Human Resources and Practices will be useful to people who operationalise aspects of the core processes and practices at a basic level across the four role clusters in human resources management and practices.

•Strategic planning for Human Resources Management and Practices
• Acquisition, development and utilisation of people
• Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations
• Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices

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Programme Details

Cost: R29,900 | Start Date: 4th February | Duration: 24 months

Learners with this qualification will be able to implement aspects of the core human resources management processes at a basic level and integrate them into an organisation’s business processes.

This qualification will enable learners to enter learning programmes for a generalist degree in Human Resources Management and Practices.

Type of Programme

National Diploma: Human Resources Management and Practices
SAQA ID:61592
Duration:24 months

Entry Requirements

  • Matric Certificate (Grade 12 / Formerly St 10)
  • Mathematical Literacy on NQF 4
  • Communication on NQF 4
  • Three or more years working experience in HR

About Your Course Facilitator

This qualification will be facilitated by a subject matter expert who has years of experience and knowledge. The facilitator will introduce you to the valuable aspects of human resource management. 


The National Diploma: Human Resource Management and Practices (LP ID: 49692) SAQA ID: 61592, NQF 5 Credits 249, Accreditation No. 63919P181VA is accredited by SABPP. In terms of Section 32 of the NQF Act 67 of 2008 read with section 26I of the SDA (2) 37 of 2008 SAQA and Quality Councils (QCs) have delegated certain quality assurance functions to SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) since 16 October 2012 also known as Quality Assurance Partner (QAP).

Programme Breakdown

Module One


23 Credits

Module Two


16 Credits

Module Three

Legal Framework

32 Credits

Module Four

Human Resource Management

24 Credits

Module Five

Labour Relations

18 Credits

Module Six

Team Dynamics

37 Credits

Module Seven

Skills Development Facilitator

35 Credits

Module Eight

Education and Training Development

25 Credits

Module Nine


24 Credits

Module Ten

Workplace Productivity

18 Credits

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