November 26, 2019

Black Friday the Right Way this 2019

Black Friday. It’s exciting. The sales, the discounts, the markdowns. 

The day of ‘savings’ has us staring at massive price slices on our favourite products across store windows. Our inboxes are flooded with “THIS MUCH OFF” subject lines.

Black Friday is a day to look forward to. But it can become an expensive 24 hours if you aren’t careful.

Don’t Spend Your Funds on Unnecessary Purchases This Black Friday

Save where you should on this Day of Savings and make your money work for you. Follow simple steps to make sure your shopping is financially-fit!

Conduct research

Did you know?

Many products sold on Black Friday often are manufactured only for the day. The product is valued at the price it is retailing for, but it is targeted to you at a discount because it sounds more enticing. On Black Friday, you might be buying something of inferior quality believing it is the item you’ve been looking at for months.

Cheeky, isn’t it?

The best bet to beat this bad branding is to pay close attention to the model numbers and product details. If the code is different, odds are, your product is a Black Friday ‘special’.

Pre-create your shopping list

Something you have desperately wanted to buy is now on sale?! That’s great! Black Friday sales can stand as a wonderful way to save money on products you would have bought otherwise. When you buy items that you wouldn’t have bought, “savings” can become unnecessarily costly.

Making your shopping list before Friday is a helpful way to keep within your budget while buying what you want!

Focus on what you are spending – not what you are saving

It can be tempting to concentrate on the discount rather than the price. Even with savings, you are still spending an amount of money that would have otherwise remained in your bank account. Pay attention to the price and you’ll be more likely to add each purchase up in your mind – keeping you focused on saving.

Buy Something Sustainable This Black Friday

Instead of funding a quick-fading product, focus your finances into your future. Taking an online short course (one at a discount, at that!) to develop your career and upskill your professional ability is an excellent way to spend your money on something long-lasting!