October 18, 2019

Where is the Best Place to Study?

Concentration Station can sometimes feel like a mythical place only the most studious can find. It’s possible for everybody to find the study sweet spot by putting practices in place to find the best, most effective place for learning and concentration. Small actions like choosing a location and intentionally making it your study spot can make massive differences to your workflow.

Head to the library

If you haven’t stepped foot in a library in years, it might be time to sign up for your local book oasis again. A library is a perfect study spot because it’s designed for it. With relevant resources surrounding you, a quiet place to drown out other noise, and a lack of distractions, it’s a space that can help put you in the right mindset to quietly get through your work. 

Next time you want to book out a book, spend some time working at one of the library desks and see if it’s the right place for you.

A local coffee shop

As you walk into any coffee shop, you generally see at least one or two students happily tap-tapping away at their laptops or fervently taking a highlighter to their study notes. Coffee shops can be an incredible spot for a study session because they can offer gentle chatter (avoiding deafening silence), without the distraction of overbearing conversation from the next table. As an added benefit, you also get to flavour up your motivation by adding good caffeine to the mix!

Browse a bookshop

Most bookshops have coffee shops attached, which provide a space for students to plug into their studies. If you prefer to work with the paper-and-pen method, a bookshop will make you feel right at home. If you opt for a laptop instead, you might be able to find a spot with a table near a plug point.

Find a study buddy

‘Work parties’ are one of the best ways to combine socialising with productivity. Find a friend who you can partner up with to work (it doesn’t need to be the same task or assignment), make some tea, and get settled into some studies! Working with a friend also means you can encourage one another if you’re feeling stressed. 

Bonus: Where not to work

Avoid: Studying in bed

It might be tempting to snuggle up with your computer on your lap, but it’s a bad idea in the long-term. The comfort of your soft pillows and the warmth of your duvets might be nice, but it’s not conducive to productivity – at all. If you stay in bed and work without getting up, you are more likely to remain unfocused. If you don’t have the practice to get you into the ‘study zone’, you may be prone to finding distractions elsewhere too.

The more you study in bed, the more you associate the space with working – which can make sleeping difficult. A lack of good sleep is detrimental to focus and information retention.

Your best bet is to head out the house, but if you need to study in your bedroom, opt for a desk rather, making an effort to add motivating touches such as a study calendar or inspirational quotes.